Skin Care

The right foot care – Tips for healthy and beautiful feet

Even if the sandals have a break at this time of year, the foot care should not be neglected. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your feet. footbath
  • In about 34 degrees warm water within 15 minutes repeatedly hot water until the temperature reaches 40 degrees
  • Hot-cold alternating baths: Every 2 minutes, immerse your feet in a second bath with cold water - this stimulates the blood circulation
  • Bathing feet for a maximum of ten minutes, otherwise the skin softens too much and becomes susceptible to injuries and germs
  • After the bath, carefully dry feet, especially between ...
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The Best Tips for Pure Skin – Nutrition & Lifestyle

Some time ago I showed you in this post my skincare routine with Avene. After I dropped the pill, my skin started to become very dirty and a visit to the dermatologist brought me to the Avene care series. In the meantime, I have continued to deal with the subject of pure skin and skin care and have done a lot of research. Some products have been preserved, others have been replaced and replaced - there will soon be a detailed review. In addition, other factors have found out for me, which have an impact on my skin and there is today a small skin care update. As ...
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No. I did not always belong to the girls with the immaculately beautiful peach skin. On the contrary. Especially after discontinuing the pill my skin was as bad as never before. I still remember the times when I stood in the evening crying after the make-up before the mirror, was completely desperate and dead unhappy about my skin. My skin was covered in pimples and pimples and it did not seem to help. The skin drama started about 3 months after I decided to drop the anti-baby pill. In addition to many other effects, my skin and my hair were by far the ...
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10 beauty tips to prepare the skin for winter

Winter is approaching and this is the ideal time to give your skin extra care. Especially if you have sensitive skin , we suggest you prevent your dermis from suffering less during the coldest season of the year . Dryness, tightness and itching sensation are the effects of the atmospheric agents on our skin when the temperatures go down. How can we prepare the skin for winter ? Why does the skin suffer more in the winter? Each skin is different and may need more or less care, but protection and prevention allow us to avoid many discomforts. Above all, that caused by climatic phenomena. On another occasion we have talked ...
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