Mental Health

How the Consistent Use of Drinks Helps to Burn Your Fats? How to calculate it

Growing up, we have always been told to keep a check on our weights. Weight has always been a concern and numerous people relate it to their appearance and think that if they gain weight, the society won’t accept them. On the other hand, there are people who feel perfect in their own body and skin and love to embrace it. Being absolutely okay with your body is a super positive thing however, one does not know how harmful obesity can be until it starts showing different symptoms. Not only do obese people go through health problems, but underweight people ...
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8 tips to improve mental health

We are usually very focused on our physical health, thinking about how we can improve our appearance or what we can do or take to get something we want. But very rarely do we focus on our mental health and the importance it has to feel fully. On the occasion of the celebration of World Mental Health Day , from Vitalis Bienestar we are going to get a little closer to it and the importance it has for the general welfare. What is mental health? The mental health is a state in which the individual is aware of his own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life , can work ...
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