Also the sandwiches can be healthy for the summer

In summer and with holidays we spend long hours away from home, so many times we need easy food, snack or dinner options to carry and carry for the whole family. The traditional sandwich is a good choice for meals away from home either on the beach, in the pool or on the mountain, they are prepared quickly, they do not need cutlery, dishes, or being heated, etc., it is best to choose the that they are easier to eat, that they do not disarm or lose filling and do not forget that nutritionally they can be perfect. The sandwiches ...
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The new Happy And Fit blog: Your experts for your health!

Your life. Your health. Your blog. Welcome to the new Happy And Fit blog - we are glad that you are here! We've been on YouTube since 2012 and have helped more than 600,000 subscribers with the videos on our channels: Health    I   Fitness    I   Yoga    I   Food    I   Love    I   Dance    I   Pilates    I  Happiness Now we have finally started our own blog and of course everything revolves around the most important topic of all: your health and a happy life! From now on, we bundle our knowledge and many exciting topics for you on this website! Lots of tips for your health You want to lose weight? Here you can ...
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Many do it, but hardly anyone knows exactly how: We are talking about # Endurance training. Hardly any topic has become as firmly anchored in the minds of dangerous semi-knowledge as cardio training. Therefore, we clarify what you should know about it to get a good training effect. How long should you exercise? Already with 30 minutes of endurance training, you can improve your fitness and # condition steadily. You can decide for yourself if you would rather train for 2x15 minutes and maybe even change the device or the intensity, or if you would like to train for 30 minutes at a time. Most important, however, is your current training level: If you've ...
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