Animal Care

Worm infestation in pets

Worms that infect dogs and cats are parasites. They feed on their host in different ways. For example, they can extract important nutrients from the pet's diet and deprive the animal of essential nutritional components. Most adult worms live in the small and/or large intestine of the animal. Pets can be infected by worms without you knowing it. Almost all dogs and cats go through an infection with worms in their lives. First and foremost, it has to do with roundworms, tapeworms, hookworms, heart and whipworms and roundworms. symptoms The health damage caused to worms in dogs and cats varies greatly and depends heavily on the age, health, ...
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The right occupation for domestic cats

Domestic cats need employment, variety, and entertainment to make them happy. Because if they are not busy, many things are destroyed or scratched in search of employment in the apartment. Even with free-range cats, game units should be an integral part of living together between humans and animals. Games for cats Homemade games
  • Balls of aluminum foil - but not too small because of the risk of swallowing
  • Fill capsules of surprise eggs with rice or different small objects - the different sounds are interesting for cats
  • Any kind of string, string, wool, bast  But be careful: Only play with it under the supervision ...
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Bake dog biscuits yourself

For the beloved four-legged friend, a healthy and balanced diet is the basic requirement for a long life. Even with the treats that reward your dog , it is important that the snack be healthy and nutritious in between. The advantages of homemade dog biscuits are obvious:
  • Treats can be baked to match the dog's taste
  • They know exactly what's inside
  • For home-baked treats, it is possible to deliberately do without colorings, preservatives and preservatives, as well as sugar
  • Also with incompatibilities such as lactose (milk sugar) or grain
  • Creativity in baking is virtually limitless
It is important that you make sure that sugar and chocolate ...
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Animals and holidays – what do I have to consider?

For many families, the question arises during the holiday season: Are we going with our beloved pet or not? This decision essentially concerns the following:
  • which animal is suitable for a journey,
  • how to travel,
  • what you have to consider abroad with Bello and Co.
  • who could provide the pet in time, if one decides to leave it at home
Who takes care of the pet? There are several reasons for choosing to leave your pet at home on vacation. For example, cats usually do not like traveling at all. And even with exotic animals, fish or birds, it makes sense not to take them ...
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